Dan Futureson is a child who grows up without knowledge of love from a mother or father.Edit

He is raised  by a man called yankien,befreinds the Wave city princess and is best friend with a fire nation juvinal! Together they mess with life and save the world from evil villains. There will  be laughter and sadness but all you have to do is switch on the tv and let the good times roll!Edit


Dan FuturesonEdit

13 years old. Elite guard of Furtuna. Strange childhood and a sensei that surprisingly

puts up with Dan's bizzare behaviour. Parents unknown

Anjelica SanjinEdit

Princess. Atittude proper. Parents  Ursula Sanjin. First impression with Dan: Moderate Hate

Yuske TuraiEdit

Loner. parents unknown.record: youngest child ever to go to Juvinal holdings. impression with Dan:instant freindship.

BADDIES? Well they're a different story.Edit

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